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Benz's Product List
Benz's Gefilte Fish Frozen
Classic Original Gefilte Fish 24x22 oz. 60 CS 93147-66000
Sweet Cholestrol Free Gefilte Fish 24x22 oz. 50 CS 93147-19609
No Sugar-Chol. Free Gefilte Fish 24x22 oz. 50 CS 93147-66666
Sweet Twin Pack 16x2 lb. 50 CS 93147-00048
Kishke Frozen
Kishke Pareve 12x1 lb. 150 CS 93147-19677
Gourmet Products (Frozen Fish Fillet)
Salmon Fillet (Bag)
12x1.5 lbs. 48 CS 93147-19331
Salmon Steak (Bag) 12x1.5 lbs. 48 CS 93147-00778
Pollack Fillet (Bag) 12x2 lbs. 48 CS 93147-00777
Flounder Fillet (Bag) 12x1.5 lbs. 48 CS 93147-00775
Red Fish Fillet (Bag) 12x1.5 lbs. 48 CS 93147-00779
All Frozen Fish Fillet and Steak are individually frozen and double sealed for quality and safety purposes. All items can be mixed and matched, but have to be in pallet quantities.
Gourmet Gefilte Fish Frozen
Sweet Recipe 100% Natural 24x22 oz. 50 CS 93147-19624

Sweet Recipe Horseradish

12x16 oz. 150 CS 93147-25816
Horseradish and Beets 24x8 oz. 100 CS 93147-02588
Gourmet Herring

Old Fashion Herring in Wine

12x33 oz. 50 CS 93147-53266
Fillet Herring in Wine 12x32 oz. 50 CS 93147-53265
Canned and Jarred Fish

Solid White Tuna Pull Top

48x3.5 oz. 160 CS 93147-00887
Yellow Fin Tuna 48x6 oz. 140 CS 93147-77000
Chunk Light Tuna 48x6 oz. 140 CS 93147-014341
Home Style Jarred Fish 12z24 oz. 99 CS 93147-09999
Hungarian Style Jarred Fish 12x24 oz. 99 CS 93147-19060

Ekiz Cold Pressed Olive Oil E.V.

12x17 oz. 90 CS 10673-13500
Ekiz Cold Pressed Olive Oil 12x34 oz. 60 CS  
Mushroom 24x8 oz. 90 CS 93147-70508
Mushroom 6#10 56 CS